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Apr 17, 2024

Unraveling Dark Energy and Cosmic Expansion With an 11-Ton Time Machine

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I found this on NewsBreak: Unraveling Dark Energy and Cosmic Expansion With an 11-Ton Time Machine.

Mar 31, 2024

Max More — Do you Like Living? Try Medical Time Travel — Cryopreservation

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Talks about Medical Time Travel and Cryopreservation.

Mar 26, 2024

Time Travel for Tomorrow: Using Future Perspectives To Shape Today’s Tech

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Researchers at Osaka University have discovered that considering sustainability issues through the lens of “imaginary future generations” provides valuable perspectives on technological advancements and trends in society.

The world stands on the brink of a crucial environmental threshold; the choices we make today about energy, resources, and the environment will have profound consequences for the future. Despite this, most sustainable thought tends to be limited to the viewpoint of current generations.

In a study published in Technological Forecasting and Social Change, researchers from Osaka University have revealed that adopting the perspective of “imaginary future generations” (IFGs) can yield fascinating insights into long-term social and technological trends.

Mar 23, 2024

Time travel is close to becoming a reality, astrophysicist claims • Earth

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Can you imagine going back in time to visit a lost loved one? This heartwrenching desire is what propelled astrophysicist Professor Ron Mallett on a lifelong quest to build a time machine. After years of research, Professor Mallett claims to have finally developed the revolutionary equation for time travel.

The idea of bending time to our will – revisiting the past, altering history, or glimpsing into the future – has been a staple of science fiction for over a century. But could it move from fantasy to reality?

Professor Mallett’s obsession with time travel and its equation has its roots in a shattering childhood experience. When he was just ten years old, his father, a television repairman who fostered his son’s love of science, tragically passed away from a heart attack.

Mar 16, 2024

If Artificial Intelligence Was Honest | Honest Ads [ChatGPT, A.I. Parody]

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What if AI companies like Chat GPT were actually honest about how horrifically terrible they are? Roger Horton investigates.


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Feb 24, 2024

New Color-Changing Invention Enables “Time Travel” Within Cells

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Researchers at Trinity College Dublin, working together with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), have developed special fluorescent, color-changing dyes that, for the first time, can be used to simultaneously visualize multiple distinct biological environments using only one singular dye.

When these dyes are encapsulated in delivery vessels, like those used in technologies like the COVID-19 vaccines, they “switch on” and give out light via a process called “aggregation-induced emission” (AIE). Soon after delivery into the cells their light “switches off” before “switching on” again once the cells shuttle the dyes into cellular lipid droplets.

Feb 20, 2024

“Genomic Time Machine” Reveals Secrets of Human DNA

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The human genome, a complex mosaic of genetic data essential for life, has proven to be a treasure trove of strange features. Among them are segments of DNA that can “jump around” and move within the genome, known as “transposable elements” (TEs).

As they change their position within the genome, TEs can potentially cause mutations and alter the cell’s genetic profile but also are master orchestrators of our genome’s organization and expression. For example, TEs contribute to regulatory elements, transcription factor binding sites, and the creation of chimeric transcripts – genetic sequences created when segments from two different genes or parts of the genome join together to form a new, hybrid RNA molecule.

Matching their functional importance, TEs have been recognized to account for half of the human DNA. However, as they move and age, TEs pick up changes that mask their original form. Over time, TEs “degenerate” and become less recognizable, making it difficult for scientists to identify and track them in our genetic blueprint.

Feb 13, 2024

Scientists discover evidence of time being reversed in historic study

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The notion of time travel has fascinated humans for thousands of years, but it’s always been a work of fiction – until now.

Scientists have discovered evidence of time travel for real, albeit at a microscopic level. Till Bohmer and Thomas Blochowicz are the lead authors of a new study, Time reversibility during the ageing of materials, which is published in Nature Physics.

The research from the two researchers at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany focuses on time effectively ‘shuffling’ in the structure of certain materials like glass.

Feb 3, 2024

Genomes of 51 animal species mapped in record time, creating ‘evolutionary time machine’

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Using a new technique, scientists created genetic blueprints for kangaroos, penguins, sharks and more.

Jan 26, 2024

‘Time crystals’ work around laws of physics to offer new era of quantum computing

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Year 2021 face_with_colon_three Basically this is a quantum computer that time travel within the computer so it can do processing faster.

Formed inside superfluid helium-3, the time crystals were observed for a record time of over 15 minutes.

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