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Aug 21, 2023

Fountains of diamonds erupt from Earth’s center as supercontinents break up

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Dan Breeden first posted about this, but this is intresting. I love this as I theorized the same, when there was geological activity in Kenya’s Rift, however I had no science to back up my beliefs. Thanks Dan for your post. (Reposted Information from another source)

Researchers noticed that kimberlites occur most often during times when the tectonic plates are rearranging themselves in big ways, Gernon said, such as during the breakup of the supercontinent Pangaea. Oddly, though, kimberlites often erupt in the middle of continents, not at the edges of breakups — and this interior crust is thick, tough and hard to disrupt.

Researchers have discovered a pattern where diamonds spew from deep beneath Earth’s surface in huge, explosive volcanic eruptions.

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Aug 20, 2023

THE HUMAN FUTURE: A Case for Optimism

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Soundtrack: Patreon: Change is coming. Humanity is entering a turbulent new era, unprecedented in both Earth and Human history. To survive the coming centuries and fulfill our potential as a species, we will have to overcome the biggest challenges we have ever faced, from extreme climate change, to rogue A.I., to the inevitable death of the sun itself.

The headlines make our chances look bleak. But when you look at our history and our tenacity, it’s clear that humanity is uniquely empowered to rise to the challenges we face.

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Aug 20, 2023

NASA flew a modified U-2 spy plane into thunderstorms to study super-energetic gamma-rays

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Researchers flew NASA’s ER-2 aircraft as close to thunderclouds as safely possible and captured ‘the most detailed’ data of gamma-rays and thunderclouds ever recorded.

Aug 17, 2023

FungalTopia: It’s 11:15 in the morning on one of the hottest days in history and I’m in a white-walled exhibition space, staring at a domed structure suspended from the ceiling

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The dome is varnished matte black and shaped somewhere between an oversized eco-chic lampshade and a fifth grader’s diorama of a volcano—all pudgy curves and asymmetric slopes. Underneath sits a small table, almost a stool, made of the same amorphous material. The table is fitted with a brass fixture loosely reminiscent of a guitar but (so the adjacent panel tells me) is actually a replica of the 17th-century microscope designed by Dutch scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek—a nod to the father of microscopy.

From a speaker concealed in the dome, a voice intones:

In the midst of a global pandemic, on the eve of an irreversible climate emergency, and in the early, thrilling decades of a biotech revolution, the human race began to question its relationship to the natural world. For many years, scientists believed life to be a competition, one that humanity must win… But as biologists learned more about living systems, it became undeniable that interdependence was key to understanding life on Earth.

Aug 17, 2023

Video shows falling tree striking power line ahead of Maui wildfires

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The Maui fire. What happened. Many are pointing fingers at Hawian electric with many videos of downed powerlines. There is video taken at the Maui Bird Conservation Center in Makawao appears to show a power pole faulting just before 11 p.m. If Hawai electric turned of power when the winds were very strong there might have been a different scenario. Hundreds of kilometers to the south, Hurricane Dora was moving across the Pacific. On Maui, the wind blew, stronger than is usual for hurricanes on the island. The power then fails. Maui’s first reported wildfire last week may have been caused by damaged power lines, according to newly released research conducted by a power monitoring company. Bob… More.

Videos showing downed power lines apparently sparking some of the early blazes in Maui have become key evidence in search for cause.

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Aug 15, 2023

Hexagons on Mars: New Evidence of an Environment Conducive to the Emergence of Life

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Scientists have discovered fossil evidence of a cyclical climate on Mars, with wet and dry seasons like those on Earth. This environment, in which simple organic molecules have already been discovered, may have provided ideal conditions for the formation of complex organic compounds.

Aug 14, 2023

Ford’s CEO had a charging ‘reality check’ on his electric F-150 Lightning road trip

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Ford CEO Jim Farley experienced the headache of electric-vehicle charging firsthand and acknowledged there was much to do to improve the experience for his customers.

Farley hit the road in an F-150 Lightning last week, traversing Route 66 and the American West to put the electric truck through its paces. He documented his trip on LinkedIn and X, the social-media website formerly known as Twitter.

Aug 11, 2023

Quantum Computing in AI: The Revolutionary Synergy Between Two Technologies

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Experience the captivating world of Quantum Computing in AI through this thrilling video! Delve into the groundbreaking realm of Quantum Computers and its revolutionary synergy with Artificial Intelligence, leading us into an era of technological revolution.
The first part of the video unravels the enigmatic concept of Quantum Computing, explaining its complex principles in a way that even beginners can understand. Watch the video to discover the magic of quantum bits (qubits) and superposition as they challenge the norms of classical computing.
Are you curious about what Quantum Supremacy is? Or what Quantum Computing in AI can truly achieve? This intriguing section showcases the extraordinary capabilities of these computing marvels, delving into the fascinating world of quantum supremacy and how it empowers AI.
Moving forward, embark on a journey into Quantum Machine Learning, a cutting-edge AI paradigm that combines Quantum Computing with Artificial Intelligence. Prepare to be amazed by its ability to push the boundaries of data processing, learning, and prediction and embarking revolution in Neural Network and Natural Language Processing. The future of quantum AI is revolutionary; you should not miss it!
The video does not stop there! We also explore real-world applications of Quantum AI, demonstrating how this technology is revolutionizing industries like healthcare, cybersecurity, finance, education and more, with unprecedented efficiency and precision.
The video sheds light on Quantum AI’s potential to solve once-unthinkable problems in areas such as molecular simulation, precise optimization, predictions, and personalization. We discover how AI with Quantum Computing solve challenges which were thought impossible to crack.
This video is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested by Quantum Computing, AI, and their synergy. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey into the revolutionary synergy between two technologies. Whether you’re a quantum computing enthusiast, an AI lover, or simply enjoy tech insights, don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe to stay informed about the latest trends!
0:50-Simple Concepts of Quantum Computing and AI
2:30-Ways How will Quantum computing affect AI?
2:34–1) Improvement in Machine Learning Algorithm.
4:04–2) Enhanced Neural Network.
5:15–3) Advancing Natural Language Processing.
6:27–4) Solving Complex Issues.
7:02-Usability of Quantum AI Computing.
7:23–1) Fact-Checkers for AI Chatbots.
8:08–2) Benefits for Life Science.
8:50–3) Cybersecurity.
9:21–4) Impact on Education.
10:08–5) Autonomous Vehicle.
11:01–6) Logistics Industry.
11:55–7) Climate Change.
12:52-ConclusionSubscribe for more content in the fascinating field of Artificial Intelligence.
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Aug 10, 2023

Inside MIT’s nuclear reactor laboratory

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How an old reactor could spark new technologies.

Aug 7, 2023

The New Climate Norm: Predictable Unpredictability

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Should we pay attention to António Guterres, ‘global boiling’ hyperbole, or believe the new head of the IPCC who is telling us to chill.

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