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Aug 23, 2023

Ghost In The Shell 2

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A film that has spawned a thousand imitations but never been bettered — Mamoru Oshii’s legendary anime film GHOST IN THE SHELL returns in a stunning new edition remastered by Oshii himself. Set in a re-imagined Hong Kong at a time when cyberspace is expanding into human reality, the story follows top cyberwarrior Major Motoko Kusanagi as she hovers on the border of total immersion in the digital world.

Aug 23, 2023

Advances in quantum emitters mark progress toward a quantum internet

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The prospect of a quantum internet, connecting quantum computers and capable of highly secure data transmission, is enticing, but making it poses a formidable challenge. Transporting quantum information requires working with individual photons rather than the light sources used in conventional fiber optic networks.

To produce and manipulate , scientists are turning to quantum light emitters, also known as . These atomic-scale defects in semiconductor materials can emit single photons of fixed wavelength or color and allow photons to interact with electron spin properties in controlled ways.

A team of researchers has recently demonstrated a more effective technique for creating quantum emitters using pulsed ion beams, deepening our understanding of how are formed. The work was led by Department of Energy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) researchers Thomas Schenkel, Liang Tan, and Boubacar Kanté who is also an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences at the University of California, Berkeley.

Aug 22, 2023

Shape-Shifting Robot Swarms Self-Assemble, Adapt to the Unfamiliar

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A new robotic platform developed at the University of Chicago can adapt to its surroundings in real time for applications in unfamiliar environments.

The platform, dubbed the Granulobot, consists of many identical motorized units each a few centimeters in diameter. The units are embedded with a Wi-Fi microcontroller and sensors and use magnets to engage other units.

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Aug 21, 2023

Launch Roundup: SpaceX to launch four missions, Progress MS-24 to resupply ISS

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Following several launch delays last week, the week of Aug. 21 through Aug. 27 is set to see seven launches marking the 129th through 135th orbital launch attempts of 2023.

Starting the week off, SpaceX will launch two back-to-back Starlink missions from Space Launch Complex (SLC) 4 East at the Vandenberg Space Force Base (VSFB) and from SLC-40 at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (CCSFS). Next, Russia will launch its Progress resupply mission, followed by Rocket Lab’s launch of “We Love the Nightlife.” SpaceX will then launch the Crew-7 mission from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A); JAXA will launch the SLIM and XRISM mission; SpaceX is expected to end the week off with another Starlink mission from SLC-40.

Falcon 9 Block 5 | Starlink Group 7–1

Aug 19, 2023

Microsoft CEO Says AI Is a Tidal Wave as Big as the Internet

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Aug 18, 2023

Why Every Company Needs A Chief AI Officer

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the future; it’s the everyday. We’ve become so accustomed to tapping into it for day-to-day tasks like searching the internet or choosing a movie to watch we barely even register that we’re using it.

Now, the advent of generative tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard means that the power and transformative potential of AI is in the hands of every business, big or small.

Every day I work with businesses that are finding exciting new ways to put this technology to work. This can involve creating exciting new services, driving improved efficiency, or even disrupting entire industries.

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Aug 17, 2023

AI Avatars Help Autistic People Hone Social Skills On Demand

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Autistic individuals will soon be able to practice and improve their social skills through realistic conversations with avatars powered by generative AI technology.

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects how people interact and communicate, often hindering diagnosed individuals in social situations. In many cases, autistic individuals struggle to initiate conversations, respond to the initiations and non-verbal cues of others, maintain eye contact, and take on another person’s perspective.

The web-based Skill Coach application developed by Israeli startup Arrows lets users engage in conversations in a variety of scenarios – from chatting with a stranger in a café to making small talk with a work colleague.

Aug 17, 2023

AI-Generated Data Can Poison Future AI Models

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As AI-generated content fills the Internet, it’s corrupting the training data for models to come. What happens when AI eats itself?

Aug 16, 2023

Google’s AI search experience adds AI-powered summaries, definitions and coding improvements

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Google today is rolling out a few new updates to its nearly three-month-old Search Generative Experience (SGE), the company’s AI-powered conversational mode in Search, with a goal of helping users better learn and make sense of the information they discover on the web. The features include tools to see definitions of unfamiliar terms, those that help to improve your understanding and coding information across languages, and an interesting feature that lets you tap into the AI power of SGE while you’re browsing.

The company explains that these improvements aim to help people better understand complicated concepts or complex topics, boost their coding skills and more.

One of the new features will let you hover over certain words to preview their definitions and see related images or diagrams related to the topic, which you can then tap on to learn more. This feature will become available across Google’s AI-generated responses to topics or questions related to certain subjects, like STEM, economics, history and others, where you may encounter terms you don’t understand or concepts you want to dive deeper into for a better understanding.

Aug 15, 2023

Intelsat meets conditions for $3.7 billion C-band clearing payout

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TAMPA, Fla. — Intelsat said Aug. 14 it is due for a $3.7 billion windfall late this year after becoming the latest satellite operator to clear C-band spectrum ahead of schedule for terrestrial 5G telcos in the United States.

Weeks after launching its seventh and final C-band clearing satellite, the company said it had achieved certification for work to move broadcast customers into a narrower swath of the spectrum.

The Federal Communications Commission set a deadline for satellite operators to clear the spectrum by December 2025, but offered them nearly $10 billion in incentive payments if they could make the frequencies available for telcos before Dec. 5, 2023.

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