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Dec 19, 2020

AGI: How to Ensure Benevolence in Synthetic Superintelligence (Part III: Conclusion)

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Devising an effective AGI value loading system should be of the utmost importance. Interlinking of enhanced humans with AGIs will bring about the Syntellect Emergence which could be considered the essence of the Cybernetic Singularity. Future efforts in programming and infusing machine morality will surely combine top-down, bottom-up and interlinking approaches. #AGI #FriendlyAI #Cybernetics #BenevolentAI #SyntheticIntelligence #CyberneticSingularity #Superintelligence

A simple solution to achieve this might be to combine select human minds (very liberal, loving, peaceful types) with brain computer interfaces in a virtual environment. Work to raise an AGI who believes itself to be human and who believes in self sacrifice and putting the good of others above its own self. When this is achieved, let it sale they a virtual door to join humanity online.

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Dec 12, 2020

​​Ushering in an ageless future

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For years, futurists have attempted to predict when, in the future, we will finally achieve the technological singularity’’ — a technological breakthrough so profound, it changes the course of humanity. Specifically, futurists have been talking about the moment when super-human artificial intelligence becomes reality. Or — to put it simply — when computers become smarter than people.

However, at Centaura, we believe that the world needs to prepare for a different singularity — one that might arrive even before super-human intelligence. It’s the moment when humans have the power to slow down — and even reverse aging.

The idea of the singularity first became popular nearly thirty years ago by the science fiction writer Vernor Vinge. In his essay The Coming Technological Singularity, he famously declared, Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended.

Dec 10, 2020

Black Holes Are ‘Portals to Other Universes,’ According to New Quantum Results

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Black holes may not end in a crushing singularity as previously thought, but rather open up passageways into whole other universes.

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Dec 4, 2020

Prometheism, Transhumanism & The Coming Singularity

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We take a deep and necessary dive into the topics of robotics, transhumanism, singularity, and other apocalyptic tech – all to prepare for the endgame moves of the elite and their Breakaway Civilization. To win this game of digital thrones, we must tap into the myth and Gnosis of an ancient trickster egregore named Prometheus. We must steal fire from the gods before they burn civilization down very soon.

Astral Guest – Jason Reza Jorjani, author of Prometheism.

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Nov 24, 2020

Completion of the Australia–ASEAN Power Link

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Nov 23, 2020

The Economic Singularity: From Capitalism’s Unplanned Obsolescence to the New Transcendent Economy

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What if with the new wave of technologies, such as nanotechnology which would enable us to reprogram matter at a molecular level, we can overcome scarcity once and for all? Design would then become the most important part from start to end product which can be freely shared or have a premium in the marketplace. At any rate, this will dismantle the current social, economic, and political system, because it will become irrelevant; every institution, every value system, every aspect of our lives have been governed by scarcity: the problem of distributing a finite amount of “stuff.” There will be no need for any of today’s social institutions. In other words, when nanotech and ultra-realistic VR are commonplace, the system built on scarcity will crumble and that would herald the forthcoming “economic singularity.” #EconomicSiingularity

The current faltering economic model is suboptimal, hinders economic growth, and is not sustainable going forward.

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Nov 23, 2020

Seizing Our Singularity Future

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As we build the gateway in and out of Africa, preparing people for the future, application and ethical usage of science and technology in the age of exponential growth is a major concern for us.

We help institutions, organizations, and corporates to train, instruct, and design future based courses and programs for the future as it exponentially becoming faster than we think.

Our book was developed for a course on “Exponential Technologies and Business Opportunities in the Age of Singularities” for the Tekedia Institute USA with an extension in Africa as part of a Mini Masters of Business Administration program (mini MBA).

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Nov 18, 2020

A technique to over-dope graphene beyond the van Hove singularity

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For over a decade, theoretical physicists have predicted that the van Hove singularity of graphene could be associated with different exotic phases of matter, the most notable of which is chiral superconductivity.

A van Hove is essentially a non-smooth point in the density of states (DOS) of a crystalline solid. When reaches or is close to this specific energy level, a flat band develops in its electronic structure that can occupy an exceptionally large number of electrons. This leads to strong many-body interactions that promote or enable the existence of exotic states of matter.

So far, the exact degree to which the available energy levels of graphene need to be filled with electrons (i.e., “doped”) in order for individual phases to stabilize has been very difficult to determine using model calculations. Identifying or designing techniques that can be used to dope graphene to or beyond the van Hove singularity could ultimately lead to interesting observations related to exotic phases of matter, which could in turn pave the way towards the development of new graphene-based technology.

Nov 16, 2020

Separate Antiaging Trials for Rapamycin and Metformin

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AgelessRx claims that PEARL is the first nationwide telemedicine trial and one of the first large-scale intervention trials on Longevity. The human trial is a stepping stone to the way to bringing rapamycin to the Longevity market. PEARL (Participatory Evaluation of Aging with Rapamycin for Longevity) is a $600,000 trial with the University of California. They will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of rapamycin in 200 healthy adults for Longevity in double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial.

Interested patients will be screened for eligibility using telemedicine. Eligible patients include those aged 50–85 of any sex, any ethnicity, in relatively good health, with only well-managed, clinically stable chronic diseases.

TAME is a separate $75 million trial to clinically evaluate Metformin drugs for Longevity properties. TAME has a composite primary endpoint – of stroke, heart failure, dementia, myocardial infarction, cancer and death. Rather than attempting to cure one endpoint, it will look to delay the onset of any endpoint, extending the years in which subjects remain in good health – their healthspan. A $40 million donation has been combined with a $35 million NIH grant to fund the TAME trial.

Nov 10, 2020

Neural’s market outlook for artificial intelligence in 2021 and beyond

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The year is coming to a close and it’s safe to say Elon Musk’s prediction that his company would field one million “robotaxis” by the end of 2020 isn’t going to come true. In fact, so far, Tesla’s managed to produce exactly zero self-driving vehicles. And we can probably call off the singularity too. GPT-3 has been impressive, but the closer machines get to aping human language the easier it is to see just how far away from us they really are.

So where does that leave us, ultimately, when it comes to the future of AI? That depends on your outlook. Media hype and big tech’s advertising machine has set us up for heartbreak when we compare the reality in 2020 to our 2016-era dreams of fully autonomous flying cars and hyper-personalized digital assistants capable of managing the workload of our lives.

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