Sep 24, 2023

James Webb just Found a Supernova That Could Break the Laws of Physics

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In this episode, we explore how a triple-lens supernova observed by the James Webb Space Telescope could help solve the mystery of the Hubble tension, which is the discrepancy between different measurements of the expansion rate of the Universe. We also learn about the details of the supernova and the galaxy cluster that caused the gravitational lensing effect, and how JWST and other telescopes can use this supernova to test various cosmological models and parameters.

Paper Link:

00:00 Introduction.
01:10 How JWST Discovered a Rare and Triple-Lens Supernova.
04:13 How H0pe Can Measure the Expansion Rate in a New Way.
09:00 How hOpe can test various cosmological models.
11:26 Outro.
12:24 Enjoy.

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