Feb 11, 2023

We’ve torn down over 100 cars (Here are Tesla advantages) | Cory Steuben Munro and Associates

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The Tesla transformation to a fully integrated design.

Join me and Cory Steuben as he reviews all the different ways Tesla has an advantage over their competitors from manufacturing, the factories, the business model and the team.

Between, Cory, Sandy and the other associates at Munro & Associates they are likely the best in the planet who knows the most about how different cars are made and about the auto industry and the competition in the auto industry.

Cory is the President of Munro & Associates who is the de facto leader in reverse engineering and teardown benchmarking. They tear down all sorts of cars and they know every single part and every single price, the supply chain and what it takes to manufacture these parts.

Cory Steuben on Twitter:@corysteuben.
Sandy Munro on Twitter: @teardowntitan.
YouTube Channel: MunroLive.
Website: Munro and Associates website is at

Time stamps:
00:00:00 Introduction.
00:02:12 Tesla’s GREATEST advantage.
00:12:14 Should OEM’s start from scratch? What are the components that matter?
00:22:41 Tesla’s manufacturing advantage.
00:25:58 What gas car manufacturers have forgotten.
00:31:52 Factory as an advantage.
00:37:32 Software as an advantage.
00:43:41 Tesla’s operating margin.
00:48:26 Raw materials/batteries as an advantage.
00:51:30 Price as an advantage.
00:53:38 Tesla should NOT do a compact car!
00:57:55 Project Highland (revised Model 3)
01:02:41 About Cory and the Munro and Associates Story.
01:08:40 How MunroLive started.
01:10:28 How do they afford to tear down so many cars?
01:12:50 Munro business model.

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