Mar 9, 2024

The Fermi Paradox: Imprisoned Planets

Posted by in categories: alien life, existential risks

Getting into space is difficult, but it may be that other worlds have even harder times at it than we do, imprisoned by orbital debris, high gravity, or even being quarantined by alien civilizations.

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The Fermi Paradox: Imprisoned Planets.
Science \& Futurism with Isaac Arthur.
Episode 329a, February 13, 2022
Written, Produced \& Narrated by Isaac Arthur.

Cover Art:
Jakub Grygier

Bryan Versteeg
Darth Biomech
Jarred Eagley.
Jeremy Jozwik
Ken York / ydvisual.
Sergio Botero
Stephen Huck.
Udo Schroeter.

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