Mar 1, 2024

Seven years later, what can we make of our first confirmed interstellar visitor?

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It wasn’t aliens, but the first interstellar object found in our solar system still has much to teach us about the cosmos.


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  1. Natrale says:

    There are probably several reasons some people jumped to the conclusion that Omuamua was extraterrestrial technology. First is its shape, Omuamua is 10 times longer than it is in diameter, making it cigar shaped, just like some proposed starship designs. Then there’s the simple fact that the object passed through our solar system in what appeared to some to be an artificial speed and trajectory. But maybe the most important reason some people thought Omuamua was created by aliens is because so many people want to believe in extraterrestrial visitation, the belief in higher unknown beings, phenomena, etc is likely ingrained in the human psyche.

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