Mar 1, 2024

Producing quantum materials with precision, with the help of AI

Posted by in categories: chemistry, quantum physics, robotics/AI

A team of NUS researchers led by Associate Professor Lu Jiong from the Department of Chemistry and Institute for Functional Intelligent Materials, together with their international collaborators, have developed a novel concept of a chemist-intuited atomic robotic probe (CARP).

This innovation, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic the decision-making process of chemists, enables the manufacturing of quantum materials with unrivaled intelligence and precision for future quantum technology applications such as data storage and quantum computing.

Open-shell magnetic nanographene is a type of carbon-based quantum material that possesses key electronic and that are important for developing extremely fast electronic devices at the , or creating quantum bits, the building blocks of quantum computers. The processes used to develop such materials have progressed over the years due the discovery of a new type of solid-phase chemical reaction known as on-surface synthesis.

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