Feb 14, 2024

Stranger Stars

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Some of the most bizarre and interesting objects in the Universe are stars. Let’s go on a journey and discover what happens when physics is taken to the most extreme.

00:00 Intro.
03:33 Red dwarfs.
04:53 White dwarfs.
06:39 Black Dwarfs.
08:15 Neutron stars.
13:36 Quark stars.
15:58 Strange stars.
16:35 Electroweak stars.
17:38 Planck stars.

All about star birth, life, and death:

About neutron stars:

What happens inside a black hole? Nobody knows!

What is a Planck star? — Ask a Spaceman! Dr. Paul M. Sutter.
• What is a Planck Star? — Ask a Spaceman!

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