Jan 14, 2024

The Math Behind Building An AI Using DNA #SoME3

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This is an AI called a Neural Network. But all of the transistors and electronics are replaced with DNA, the molecule of life… all in one test tube.

Papers used for this video.
DNA Neural Networks:
Computation Via DNA:
DNA logic circuits:
Matrices Using DNA:

City Life – Artificial. Music (No Copyright Music)
Pure Water by Meydän.
Link: • Meydän — Pure Water [Creative Commons…
Forever Sunrise — by Jonny Easton.
Link: • Forever Sunrise — Soft Inspirational…

Softwares used:
Manim CE
Molecular Nodes by @BradyJohnston.

0:00 Intro.
1:03 Neural Networks Recap.
3:40 DNA Computing Introduction.
7:20 DNA Transistor.
9:55 DNA Matrix Multiplication.
11:11 Closing Thoughts

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