Jan 29, 2024

China’s first natively built supercomputer goes online — the Central Intelligent Computing Center is liquid-cooled and built for AI

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China Telecom claims it has built the country’s first supercomputer constructed entirely with Chinese-made components and technology (via ITHome). Based in Wuhan, the Central Intelligent Computing Center supercomputer is reportedly built for AI and can train large language models (LLM) with trillions of parameters. Although China has built supercomputers with domestic hardware and software before, going entirely domestic is a new milestone for the country’s tech industry.

Exact details on the Central Intelligent Computing Center are scarce. What’s clear so far: The supercomputer is purportedly made with only Chinese parts; it can train AI models with trillions of parameters; and it uses liquid cooling. It’s unclear exactly how much performance the supercomputer has. A five-exaflop figure is mentioned in ITHome’s report, but to our eyes it seems that the publication was talking about the total computational power of China Telecom’s supercomputers, and not just this one.

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