Dec 10, 2023

Why Web Developers Like AI

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AI is divisive. In the modern workplace today, most feel that the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its new generative strain of wonderment will transform the way we all work in the months and years to come. While some are still reticent to embrace its potential benefits (journalists and people in high-level decision-making roles may be among the more skeptical), data science theorists assure us that even the AI naysayers will soon find a subliminally attractive element of AI functionality coming forward in applications without it announcing itself as some newfangled auto-bot or intelligent assistant.

Among those groups who seem to ready to embrace AI quite readily are web developers, especially those who handle a large amount of image-centric tasks as they work to classify, categorize, manipulate and present pictorial assets for our online applications to illustrate our lives with.

To validate this suggestion, we need to know why working with web images can be such a chore, right? The fact is, advanced image editing and optimizing assets for human accessibility and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key reason web development teams experience resource bottlenecks.

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