Dec 12, 2023

Tesla’s New Features and China Records: What Investors Need to Know

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➤ Tesla teases a number of new features coming soon ➤ Bernstein calls TSLA short their best idea for 2024 ➤ Tesla China sales and production ➤ Model Y standard range sells out ➤ Tesla executives meet in Thailand ➤ Model Y becomes second best-selling car in US ➤ Tesla adds pre-qualifying finance option ➤ Cybertruck discussion from reviewers: ➤ Calendar 0:00 TSLA 0:25 Bernstein recommends TSLA short 3:02 New features 7:25 China numbers 10:45 Model Y China 11:26 Thailand 12:26 Model Y US 13:11 Pre-qualification 13:38 Cybertruck reviewers 14:33 Calendar X:

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