Dec 24, 2023

Scientists just had a 20-minute ‘conversation’ with a humpback whale

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Researchers have had an unprecedented and exceptional encounter with a humpback whale, allowing them to learn more about humpback whale communication systems. The encounter happened earlier this year when a group of researchers known as Whale-SETI held a 20-minute “conversation” with a humpback named Twain.

The conversation is heavily detailed in a paper published in the journal Peer J and it showcases the first conversation between humans and humpback whales using “humpback language.” To pull off such a wonderful breakthrough, researchers used a recorded humpback contact call to get Twain’s attention. From there, the whale responded with a greeting signal and began to circle their boat.

Lead author Dr. Brenda McCowan from U.C. Davis says that the conversation goes a long way to emphasizing the intelligence of these creatures, and highlights how complex humpback communication systems are. The fact that they can create nets made of bubbles to catch fish, and even communicate extensively through their songs and calls is mind-boggling.

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