Dec 19, 2023

NASA sends cat video over 19 million miles using laser

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In a groundbreaking experiment, NASA has successfully sent a 15-second, high-definition cat video over 19 million miles to Earth from space.

NASA has sent an ultra-high definition, 15-second-long cat video over 19 million miles (over 30 million km), the space agency said on Monday. This was not done for fun, though the video choice is undoubtedly some in-joke, but rather an experiment for its Deep Space Optical Communications. The video was beamed to Earth from its $1.2 billion Psyche asteroid probe launched in October 2023.

Cat vids over the void

The probe is on a six-year-long mission and is set to travel around 2.2 billion miles (3.6 billion km) during its mission. Pysche is scheduled to rendevous with a rare, metal-rich asteroid that may explain how the cores of rocky planets like Earth first formed. The video of a cat called “Taters” was uploaded to the probe before launch and was sent to Earth on December 11 as a side mission to its main task.

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