Nov 26, 2023

Examining the biodistribution and function of polymer-DNA origami nanostructures

Posted by in categories: biotech/medical, nanotechnology

The capacity to regulate the biodistribution of therapeutics is a highly desired feature that can limit the side effects of many drugs. In a new study in Scientific Reports, Noah Joseph, and a team of biotechnology and nanoscience scientists in Israel, describe a nanoscale agent developed from a coupled polymer-DNA origami hybrid capable of exhibiting stability in serum and slow diffusion through tissues.

By coupling to fragments of polyethylene glycol through polyamine , the team noted marked stability of the agents in vivo, where more than 90% of the constituents maintained structural integrity for five days after subcutaneous injection.

The findings highlight the polymer-DNA hybrid nanostructures as viable pharmacological agents that can enter mainstream technologies, including their use as monoclonal antibodies for drug activity.

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