Nov 20, 2023

David Chalmers: When Will ChatGPT Become Sentient?

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

David Chalmers analyzes consciousness in AI, probing cognitive science and philosophical ramifications of sentient machines.

- 00:00:00 Introduction.
- 00:02:10 Talk by David Chalmers on LLMs.
- 00:26:00 Panel with Ben Goertzel, Susan Schneider, and Curt Jaimungal.

NOTE: The perspectives expressed by guests don’t necessarily mirror my own. There’s a versicolored arrangement of people on TOE, each harboring distinct viewpoints, as part of my endeavor to understand the perspectives that exist.

THANK YOU: To Mike Duffey, of for your insight, help, and recommendations on this channel.

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