Oct 3, 2023

New 4th Dimension Metamaterial Discovery Suggests How UAP Might Defy Physics in Our Airspace

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If you’ve been watching the recent UAP reporting or the US Congressional Committee Hearing on UAP, you already know that we have military and civilian pilot eyewitness accounts in volume, as well as footage of incidents like the “tic-tac” live sighting in 2004. There are many more incidents whose video recordings are still classified and not yet available to the public. There are reports and testimony from career Navy and Air Force officials who’ve reported similar sightings. Comments such as the one made by Cmdr. David Fravor (Ret), made after the 2004 incident are common among experienced military pilots.

We don’t have the kind of physics understanding, now or back then, that would allow us the ability to do what we’re seeing these UAP do. — US Navy Cmdr. David Fravor (Ret)

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