Oct 4, 2023

Joscha Bach: Artificial Consciousness and the Nature of Reality

Posted by in categories: cosmology, existential risks, government, robotics/AI

Joscha Bach is the VP of Research at the AI Foundation, previously doing research at MIT and Harvard. Joscha work explores the workings of the human mind, intelligence, consciousness, life on Earth, and the possibly-simulated fabric of our universe.

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Incredible comment by ernst.gemeint showing some of the topics mentioned:

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0:00 — Introduction.
3:14 — Reverse engineering Joscha Bach.
10:38 — Nature of truth.
18:47 — Original thinking.
23:14 — Sentience vs intelligence.
31:45 — Mind vs Reality.
46:51 — Hard problem of consciousness.
51:09 — Connection between the mind and the universe.
56:29 — What is consciousness.
1:02:32 — Language and concepts.
1:09:02 — Meta-learning.
1:16:35 — Spirit.
1:18:10 — Our civilization may not exist for long.
1:37:48 — Twitter and social media.
1:44:52 — What systems of government might work well?
1:47:12 — The way out of self-destruction with AI
1:55:18 — AI simulating humans to understand its own nature.
2:04:32 — Reinforcement learning.
2:09:12 — Commonsense reasoning.
2:15:47 — Would AGI need to have a body?
2:22:34 — Neuralink.
2:27:01 — Reasoning at the scale of neurons and societies.
2:37:16 — Role of emotion.
2:48:03 — Happiness is a cookie that your brain bakes for itself.

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