Sep 19, 2023

Superintelligence (David Chalmers)

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In this intriguing discussion, philosopher David Chalmers and his fellow experts explore the concepts of consciousness, intelligence, and the possibility that we are living in a simulated universe. They delve into the works of Douglas Hofstadter, the idea of an intelligence explosion, and the challenge of aligning artificial general intelligence with human goals. The conversation also touches on the limitations of intelligence, the relationship between complexity and consciousness, and the potential motivations behind simulating a universe.

Table of Contents:
[00:00:00] Introduction to David Chalmers and his work.
[00:01:17] The influence of Douglas Hofstadter on AI and philosophy.
[00:09:03] The concept of the intelligence explosion.
[00:15:30] Aligning artificial general intelligence with human goals.
[00:17:49] Consciousness, introspection, and the meta problem.
[00:24:19] The relationship between complexity and consciousness.
[00:29:43] What makes a simulation interesting?

Note: this was recorded in April 2022. We will release full version on audio podcast soon.

David Chalmers.

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