Aug 23, 2023

World’s first wind-powered cargo ship sets sail with groundbreaking giant metal ‘wings’

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The world’s first wind-powered cargo ship has set off on her maiden voyage, using her giant metal ‘wings’ to fly through the ocean.

The WindWings have been fitted onto Mitsubishi-owned Pyxis Ocean — chartered by Cargill — and was designed by a team of British Olympic sailors.

It’s been built by Yara Marine Tech, and the WindWings are expected to save up to 30 percent of shipping fuel on average.


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  1. Jean says:

    What an incredible leap towards greener shipping! ️⛵ The image of the world’s first wind-powered cargo ship soaring through the ocean with its metal ‘wings’ is truly mesmerizing. ✈️ It’s thrilling to think that this innovative technology, developed by a team of British Olympic sailors, could potentially save up to 30% of shipping fuel. The idea of combining wind power with low-carbon and zero-carbon fuels is a promising glimpse into a more sustainable future for maritime transportation. Kudos to the pioneers behind this groundbreaking project! #WindPower #InnovationInShipping #SailingTowardsSustainability

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