Aug 9, 2023

The AI Singularity Future

Posted by in categories: economics, robotics/AI, singularity, space

AI singularity refers to the future point where artificial intelligence becomes so advanced that it surpasses human intelligence and undergoes rapid, unpredictable self-improvement, leading to an exponential increase in capabilities. At this stage, AI could potentially reshape society, science, and civilization in profound and transformative ways, and its behavior might become difficult for humans to comprehend or control.

The AI alignment problem refers to the challenge of ensuring that artificial intelligence systems are designed and programmed to act in accordance with human values, goals, and intentions. It involves developing AI systems that align with human interests, do not produce harmful outcomes, and operate transparently and predictably, so they can be trusted and reliably controlled. Addressing the AI alignment problem is crucial to avoid potential risks and negative consequences associated with AI development and deployment.

The AI Singularity Future is an aspiring Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) on Discord (Link) working on the AI alignment and the human alignment problem. We aim to solve the AI alignment problem by guiding the evolution of the AI towards the utopian future of Resource Based Economy. This organisation is being run by the volunteers and the Regional Coordinators of The-Venus-Project Support Community.

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