Aug 13, 2023

Counterfeit People. Daniel Dennett. (Special Edition)

Posted by in categories: finance, law, robotics/AI, security

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In this fascinating interview, Dr. Tim Scarfe speaks with renowned philosopher Daniel Dennett about the potential dangers of AI and the concept of “Counterfeit People.” Dennett raises concerns about AI being used to create artificial colleagues, and argues that preventing counterfeit AI individuals is crucial for societal trust and security.

They delve into Dennett’s “Two Black Boxes” thought experiment, the Chinese Room Argument by John Searle, and discuss the implications of AI in terms of reversibility, reontologisation, and realism. Dr. Scarfe and Dennett also examine adversarial LLMs, mental trajectories, and the emergence of consciousness and semanticity in AI systems.

Throughout the conversation, they touch upon various philosophical perspectives, including Gilbert Ryle’s Ghost in the Machine, Chomsky’s work, and the importance of competition in academia. Dennett concludes by highlighting the need for legal and technological barriers to protect against the dangers of counterfeit AI creations.

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