Jul 28, 2023

New dinosaur species discovered in Thailand

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A multi-institutional team of paleontologists has identified a new dinosaur species dug up in Thailand in 2012. In their paper published in the journal Diversity, the group describes where the fossil was found, its characteristics and its condition.

The was uncovered at a in Phu Noi, in Northern Thailand. The geological area is known as the Phu Kradung Formation. The dig site has yielded a large number of fossils over the years. In this new effort, the research team focused their effort on a fossil embedded in stone that was in good condition. It is a previously unknown species, now named Minimocursor phunoiensis.

The research team describes the fossil as an “exceptionally articulate skeleton,” and suggest it is one the most well-preserved dinosaurs ever discovered in Southeast Asia. They found it to be of the neornithischian clade, which were plant-eating dinosaurs.

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