Jun 10, 2023

Should we take evolution into our own hands and become transhuman?

Posted by in categories: bioengineering, cyborgs, evolution, genetics, neuroscience, transhumanism

Worth a listen to understand the current reality and the future potential:

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Technological enhancements and implants are becoming more popular amongst a group of transhumanists who call themselves “grinders”. Are we coming closer to an age of cyborgs? Is genetic screening and editing ethical? Has biohacking lost all meaning? What are nootropics? That’s what we’ll talk about today.

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The four examples from the introduction are here:


00:00 Introduction.
0:56 Transhumanism.
6:40 Grinders.
11:55 Nootropics.
13:55 Mainstream Biohacking.
14:55 Scientific Biohacking.
16:43 Future Plans and Summary.
18:08 Ground News Sponsor

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