Jun 21, 2023

Record Temperatures in the North Atlantic

Posted by in categories: climatology, computing, mapping, quantum physics, space

Lot’s of science news, stay till the end for the climate stuff.

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Today we’ll talk about plants that use quantum mechanics, the first data from a new galaxy survey, quantum utility, online hate groups, photonic computing, the most sensitive power measurement ever, how to map a tunnel with muons, bad climate news that I don’t want to talk about, and you don’t want to hear, but that we need to talk about anyway. And of course, the telephone will ring.

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00:00 Intro.
00:33 Plants use Quantum Mechanics.
03:06 First Data from the DESI Galaxy Survey.
04:46 IBM Demonstrates Quantum Utility.
08:56 Online Hate Groups Behave like Non-linear Fluids.
10:18 Cellular Automata on Photonic Computers.
11:45 The Most Sensitive Power Measurement Ever.
13:08 Mapping a Tunnel with Muons.
14:16 Bad Climate News.
16:01 Learn Science with Brilliant.

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