Apr 20, 2023

Tesla Robot: News, Rumors, and Estimated Price, Release Date, and Specs

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When used at home, it might take care of your yard, and even your grandparents, as Musk suggests in his piece, Believing in technology for a better future, in the Cyberspace Administration of China’s publication:

Tesla Bots are initially positioned to replace people in repetitive, boring, and dangerous tasks. But the vision is for them to serve millions of households, such as cooking, mowing lawns, and caring for the elderly.

The Tesla Bot is supposed to free up labor that you don’t want to do yourself. Since we already have machines that help us do all kinds of tasks (think: vehicles, dishwashers, forklifts), where it’d really succeed is when AI is used. That way, it can learn and recognize what needs to be done, and then do it for you by completing those last-step actions (driving to the store to get something, loading the dishwasher, etc.).

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