Apr 13, 2023

GPT-5: A New Era of Artificial Intelligence or the Beginning of the End of Mankind? | Pro Robots

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Will artificial intelligence destroy humanity? Will GPT-5 be the first artificial general intelligence? Why are neural network experts calling on missile strikes to destroy the AI development centers? That and review of new robot superpowers and the ProMat 2023 robot show is in one video! Watch till the end, it’s gonna be interesting!

00:38 — Will GPT-5 destroy humanity?
03:02 — Free Midjourney is no more.
03:40 — Robots learning new tricks.
05:27 — Robots the Omnipresent.
06:34 — Cheesecake won’t be the same again.
07:17 — A 3D-printed rocket.
08:07 — America’s first lunar rover.
08:38 — ProMat 2023 Robotics Expo.
11:04 — Robots and hot coffee.
11:38 — Drones and droids.
12:22 — Dental hygienist robot.

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  1. Mathew Burns says:

    The article ultimately raises the question of whether we should continue to pursue such advanced AI technology and if so, how we can mitigate the potential risks. It’s an important and timely discussion, especially as AI technology continues to rapidly evolve and transform various industries.

    Overall, I highly recommend reading this article for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and society, and the potential implications of advanced AI systems.

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