Feb 16, 2023

Tracing The Origin Of life

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The origin of life is one of the great questions of mankind. One of the prerequisites for the emergence of life is the abiotic – not by living beings caused chemical – production and polymerization of amino acids, the building blocks of life.

“Two scenarios are being discussed for the emergence of life on Earth: On the one hand, the first-time creation of such amino acid chains on Earth, and on the other hand, the influx from space,” explains Tilmann Märk of the University of Innsbruck. “For the latter, such amino acid chains would have to be generated in the very unfavorable and inhospitable conditions in space.”

A team of researchers led by Michel Farizon of the University of Lyon and Tilmann Märk of the University of Innsbruck has now made a significant discovery in the field of abiotic peptide chain formation from amino acids for the smallest occurring amino acid, glycine, a molecule that has been observed several times extraterrestrially in recent years.

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