Feb 11, 2023

Scientists Successfully Sent A Particle Back in Time Using A Quantum Computer

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As fantastic as this may seem this is not an impossible occurrence.

Before Einstein, time travel was just a story, but his calculations led us into the quantum world and gave us a more complicated picture of time. Kurt Godel found that Einstein’s equations made it possible to go back in time. What’s up? None of the ideas about how to go back in time were ever physically possible.

Before sending a particle back in time, scientists from ETH Zurich, Argonne National Laboratory, and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology asked, Why stick to physical grounds?

Many laws of physics treat the future and the past as if they are one thing. The second rule of thermodynamics says that in a closed system, order gives way to chaos (or entropy). When you scramble an egg to make an omelet, you add a lot of chaos to the egg, which was a closed system before.

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