Feb 26, 2023

New analysis method developed for quantum and nanomaterials

Posted by in categories: nanotechnology, particle physics, quantum physics

A slow-motion movie on sports television channels shows processes in hundredths of a second. By contrast, processes on the nanoscale take place in the so-called femtosecond range: For example, an electron needs only billionths of a second to orbit a hydrogen atom. Physicists around the world are using special instruments to capture such ultrafast nano-processes in films.

Researchers at Kiel University (CAU) have developed a new method for such films that is based on a different physical concept and thus allows further and more precise options for investigation. To do this, they combined an electron microscope with nanostructured metallic thin films that generate very short light pulses.

In a first experiment, they were thus able to document the coherent interactions of light and electrons in a semiconductor on film.

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