Feb 27, 2023

MY GOD IT’S FULL OF STARS — A Space Ambient Odyssey — Sci Fi Soundtrack — 4K

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My 11th Ambient music video release for YT. An unofficial Soundtrack to the Sci Fi movie ‘2010: The Year we Make Contact’ (starring Roy Scheider & Helen Mirren). The movie was based on the Arthur C. Clarke novel, which was the sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey. I went alot more in depth with the visuals on this one, recreating shots from the original movie, but with an extra dash of VFX that weren’t easy to pull off on a PC in 1986.

In upcoming video releases I will be doing a deep dive into the ambient multiverse, exploring various styles from Space Ambient to Dark Ambient to Cyberpunk to Sleep music to White Noise. My focus on this channel is to create relaxing cinematic ambient background music for chilling, focus, work and meditation. With the occasional eerie dark ambient tracks. The theme for my video backdrops is a rich fusion of derelict imagery, planets and moons.

Music & Animation by Duncan Brown.
Planet Maps by Robert Stein III (Pinterest)

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Audio Software:
Ableton Live.
Adobe Audition.
SINE Player.

Video visuals created with:
Adobe Photoshop.
Adobe After Effects.
Adobe Premiere Pro.

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