Feb 12, 2023

Iron Maiden — To tame a land (Lyrics included)

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There’s a lot about ecology in frank Herbert’s dune saga and eco mysticism as well.

I will never make any money from Youtube and that is perfectly correct!
I will always get this message: “Your video is ineligible for monetization due to a copyright claim.“
And: “Ad revenue paid to copyright owner”

I am happy that Youtube allows my vidoes.
I am happy that, in a perfect world, the Ad revenue money goes to Iron Maiden and the Film company, from my views on Youtube.

If you find any value in my Tribute Videos, I would be happy if you would like to become a Patreon and support me in making music videos.

A tribute to Iron Maiden´s To tame a land. Dune version.

Lyrics included.

Album: Piece of mind.
Pictures from the movie Dune.

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