Dec 7, 2022

Europe’s fastest supercomputer just connected to a quantum computer in Finland — here’s why

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The merged computing power can give rise to faster and more accurate machine learning applications.

Last month, LUMI, the fastest supercomputer in Europe, was connected to HELMI, Finland’s first quantum computer, a five-qubit system operational since 2021. This makes Finland the first country in Europe to have created such a hybrid system — it is one of the few countries worldwide to have done the same.

LUMI is famous — the supercomputer ranks third in the latest Top 500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputer and can carry out 309 petaflops. LUMI, too became operational in 2021.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland worked with CSC and Aalto University, within the Finnish Quantum Computing Infrastructure framework, to make the connection between the computers, according to a release.

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