Dec 14, 2022

Elon’s AGILE Takeover (of Twitter) | Experts don’t get Elon bc Experts don’t get AGILE!

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MSM and Experts fail to see the logic in how Elon Musk is taking over Twitter. They think it’s chaos, a mess, he’s out of his depth. But Elon is just working AGILE, and AGILE always seems like a mess to onlookers used to traditional work!
The video describes Elon’s Agile Takeover of Twitter and shows the opportunity worth BILLION$ that Elon Musk has ALREADY unlocked.

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00:00 Intro.
01:28 Let it sink in.
02:08 Two reasons for buying.
02:57 — The Sun Tsu reason.
04:16 — The main reason.
05:01 The code needs rewriting.
05:08 — I know a mess.
06:01 — A deeper reason.
08:25 — How long a rewrite?
10:24 Burn it to the ground.
11:41 — The four hour ultimatum.
16:00 Experts know nothing.
16:47 — They show what norm.
17:45 — Demotivating effect.
19:13 — Fail Fast!
23:16 Already winning.
24:35 — Cleaning up the stables.
26:17 — Private messages?
29:15 — Community notes.
31:48 Great hope.

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