Oct 21, 2022

NASA announces its unidentified aerial phenomena research team to examine mysterious sightings

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The team will announce its findings next year.

NASA will hold a public meeting after the report is released to discuss the study’s findings, an event that curious onlookers might want to earmark.

The space agency says officials are excited to see what the team uncovers. “NASA is going in with an open mind,” the space agency writes in a Frequently Asked Questions webpage devoted to UAPs. “And we expect to find that explanations will apply to some events and different explanations will apply to others. We will not underestimate what the natural world contains, and we believe there is a lot to learn.”

Is it aliens? The short answer is, NASA doesn’t know. The space agency chooses to highlight its search for extraterrestrial life when it publishes new information about the new UAP study. But agency officials have also been candid about where the data stands. They explicitly stated back in June that, “there is no evidence UAPs are extra-terrestrial in origin.”

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