Oct 28, 2022

Meta what?

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When in 2015, Eileen Brown looked at the ETER9 Project (crazy for many, visionary for few) and wrote an interesting article for ZDNET with the title “New social network ETER9 brings AI to your interactions”, it ensured a worldwide projection of something the world was not expecting.

Someone, in a lost world (outside the United States), was risking, with everything he had in his possession (very little or less than nothing), a vision worthy of the American dream. At that time, Facebook was already beginning to annoy the cleaner minds that were looking for a difference and a more innovative world.

Today, after that test bench, we see that Facebook (Meta or whatever) is nothing but an illusion, or, I dare say, a big disappointment. No, no, no! I am not now bad-mouthing Facebook just because I have a project in hand that is seen as a potential competitor.

I was even a big fan of the “original” Facebook; but then I realized, it took me a few years, that Mark Zuckerberg is nothing more than a simple kid, now a man, who against everything and everyone, gave in to whims. Of him, initially, and now, perforce, of what his big investors, deluded by himself, of what his “metaverse” would be.

This path is just beginning, but with the devastating results that the “meta child” has had (forgive me), I recommend that investors not be so deluded by those who have the current power, and believe more in what the world now yearns for. There is a time for everything. The time for Facebook is gone, whether it is Meta (Facebook patched) or something else coming from someone where the first name is Mark.

For me, I thank all those who believed in me, in my visions right after the rise of the Internet and especially nowadays, with all these new concepts that I have been introducing in the “system” (new world of digital innovation). Digital Counterpart or Digital Second Self ( are my warhorse, and I believe they are really going to change the world. They won’t just change the world because they do, but because the world wants and needs it to.

Please note: In the image, virtual (or augmented) reality glasses are on the head of a digital being (Second Self), not a human…!

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