Aug 3, 2022

Small Modular Nuclear Quickly Becoming a Reality in the Quest for Net Zero

Posted by in categories: economics, nuclear energy

Nuclear power’s revival is being led by small modular reactor technology.

Small Modular Reactors or SMRs may revive the nuclear fission reactor industry around the world. These nuclear power plants are a fraction of the size of existing facilities. They take less time to build and have safety features that make a Fukushima or Chornobyl-like event next to impossible.

As the world pivots from burning fossil fuels to generating electricity and heat, SMRs may have a role to play to get the global economy to carbon neutrality or what is referred to as the net zero 2050 target date.

Here in North America, a number of interesting developments are underway including feasibility studies, contracts, and regulatory approvals for SMR builds and deployment.

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