Jun 9, 2022

Training a robot to recognize and pour water

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Jeffrey DeanUnless you’re actively scrubbing the CO2, that’s what happens when you recirculate air.

James FalkA carbonator?

Michael Taylor shared a link.

A horse, a zebra and artificial intelligence helped a team of Carnegie Mellon University researchers teach a robot to recognize water and pour it into a glass.

Water presents a tricky challenge for robots because it is clear. Robots have learned how to pour before, but previous techniques like heating the water and using a thermal camera or placing the glass in front of a checkerboard background don’t transition well to everyday life. An easier solution could enable servers to refill water glasses, robot pharmacists to measure and mix medicines, or robot gardeners to .

Gautham Narasimhan, who earned his master’s degree in the Robotics Institute in 2020, worked with a team in the institute’s Robots Perceiving and Doing Lab to use AI and image translation to solve the problem.

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