Feb 23, 2022

Look: Stunning new image of Rosette Nebula taken from backyard

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This cosmic cloud of gas and dust is about 5,000 light-years away.

“I had vowed never to sell that guitar,” Gill tells Inverse. “But I spent some more time [on astrophotography] in the last few years so I think I’ve gotten a bit more into it, and spent some more money on it.”

Gill’s latest image features a cosmic landscape of newborn stars, gas, and dust.

The Rosette Nebula shines in this deep-space image captured by Gill from his backyard in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles. Its fusion of gases illuminates the center of the image, while the nebula’s stellar inhabitants spread across the dark skies. For Gill to capture such detail from the smoggy, bright skies of Los Angeles is not easy, and requires a lot of patience, practice, and hours of exposure.

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