Jan 18, 2022

Solar power excels in Turkey’s rapid shift to green energy sources

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See, when there is no hypocrisy of being an oil tycoon nation, talking to much in conferences about environmental incentives whilst having a double agenda which consists of slowing the trend down, or doing nothing while we get to 2030.


Turkey’s rapid shift to greener sources of energy has led to a sharp rise in its installed solar power over the last decade, with renewable investments expected to accelerate in the period ahead.

The aim to generate a larger share of power from renewable sources stems from the country’s goal of lowing its hefty energy bill, as it imports almost all of its energy needs from abroad.

Its journey of producing energy from solar power started at just 40 megawatts (MW) back in 2014. It has now reached 7,816 megawatts, according to data compiled from the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry.

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