Jan 9, 2022

A New Tilt-Rotor VTOL Drone Transitions to Fixed-Wing Flight With Zero Input

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Recharging Drones in only 45 minutes.

Recently, Autel Robotics released a new drone charging platform that allows drones to take on multiple recursive missions independent of weather across a wide variety of industrial applications, including industrial energy inspection, natural disaster monitoring, and more.

But another tilt-rotor VTOL drone from Autel can transition to a “fixed-wing” mode, and “scout areas after a hurricane, with a lot of different really high-end camera options,” said John Simmons, a representative for Autel Robotics at the CES 2022 exhibit.

The drone charging platform is called EVO Nest, while the long-range, fixed-wing VTOL is called the “Dragonfish” series. And it could simplify the energy needs of visual surveillance, monitoring, and public service.

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