Dec 19, 2020

AGI: How to Ensure Benevolence in Synthetic Superintelligence (Part III: Conclusion)

Posted by in categories: robotics/AI, singularity, virtual reality

Devising an effective AGI value loading system should be of the utmost importance. Interlinking of enhanced humans with AGIs will bring about the Syntellect Emergence which could be considered the essence of the Cybernetic Singularity. Future efforts in programming and infusing machine morality will surely combine top-down, bottom-up and interlinking approaches. #AGI #FriendlyAI #Cybernetics #BenevolentAI #SyntheticIntelligence #CyberneticSingularity #Superintelligence

A simple solution to achieve this might be to combine select human minds (very liberal, loving, peaceful types) with brain computer interfaces in a virtual environment. Work to raise an AGI who believes itself to be human and who believes in self sacrifice and putting the good of others above its own self. When this is achieved, let it sale they a virtual door to join humanity online.

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