Nov 23, 2020

Seizing Our Singularity Future

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As we build the gateway in and out of Africa, preparing people for the future, application and ethical usage of science and technology in the age of exponential growth is a major concern for us.

We help institutions, organizations, and corporates to train, instruct, and design future based courses and programs for the future as it exponentially becoming faster than we think.

Our book was developed for a course on “Exponential Technologies and Business Opportunities in the Age of Singularities” for the Tekedia Institute USA with an extension in Africa as part of a Mini Masters of Business Administration program (mini MBA).

This volume is a contribution from Edward Hudgins, Ph.D., Brent Ellman, Chogwu Abdul, and Gennady Stolyarov II (edited by Edward Hudgins) which offer insights that will benefit any individual who comes about their lives and the future of their families, friends, neighbours, and countries.

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