Apr 17, 2020

Italy: Stromboli erupts for second time in one month

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👽Stromboli has just erupted again for the second time this month. There has been 8000 earthquakes since January 2020 in Iceland, coinciding with a volcano network that has not been awake for 800 years.

There has been 250 small Earthquakes in Idaho, and the most recent relatively strong quake worldwide was registered in Honduras, over 6,3 magnitude, yesterday.

Fyodor, R.

A new lava flow started to descend on the side of Mount Stromboli on the eponymously named Italian island on Wednesday, amid an ongoing volcanic eruption.

Mount Stromboli recently erupted on April 1, as well as twice in two months between July and August 2019.

The island, which has around 500 residents and is one of a chain just north of Sicily, is popular amongst tourists despite featuring one of the longest continuously active volcanoes in the world.

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