Feb 2, 2020

Coronavirus — Cats and dogs ‘thrown from tower blocks’ in China after fake news rumours animals are causing spread

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PANICKING pet owners are reportedly throwing cats and dogs out of towerblocks following bogus claims deadly coronavirus can be passed on by animals.

Chilling pictures coming out of crisis-hit China are said to show the bloodied corpses of animals lying in the road after being hurled to their death.

One dog was found dead after allegedly being thrown from one block of flats in Tianjin City in Hebei Province — home to the outbreak epicentre Wuhan.


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  1. kimmie says:

    I hate this picture I don’t want my childern seeing this image is inapropiete

    1. Ryan says:

      You should probably put blindfolds on them so they don’t see it. Appropriate. Or keep them out of China, or off the internet, you know, parent them. Don’t parent the internet.

  2. Dave says:

    I guess that’s what they meant by raining cats and dogs!!!!!!!!