Oct 31, 2016

Michael Fossel on Aging and the Telomerase Revolution

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Dr. Michael Fossel is one of those few theoreticians who can see much of the big picture of aging. While some use mostly guesswork, and others hope to improve on that with logic, Fossel never shies away from the clear verdict that only data can give. Add his overwhelming compassion as a human being and you will understand why he is a clinician who really cares. You will also get a pretty good idea of what kind of a person Michael is – both personally and professionally. And those are just some of the reasons why enjoy having him back on my Singularity 1on1 podcast for an in-depth discussion of his latest book on the topic titled the Telomerase Revolution.

During our 83 min discussion with Dr. Fossel we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: what the Telomerase Revolution is all about; the difference between realist and optimist medicine; why books don’t cure diseases and why Fossel is more interested in curing rather than understanding aging; the telomere theory of aging; whether we can create a vaccine for old age; the difference between direct and indirect aging; why guesswork is useless, logic is better but data trumps everything; whether we can slow down and/or reverse aging; Liz Parrish’s telomere lengthening experiment; reaching Longevity Escape Velocity and why Aubrey de Grey may turn out to be conservative in his estimate; Fossel’s biotech startup company Telocyte…

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