Feb 4, 2014

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FEBRUARY 05/2014 UPDATES [LIST]. By Mr. Andres Agostini at
Do autistic brains create more information at rest or do they have weaker connectivity — or both?…ty-or-both

‘Electronic tongue’ identifies brands of beer with 81.9% accuracy…9-accuracy

Bodily maps of emotions

Antibiotic ‘smart bomb’ can target specific strains of bacteria…f-bacteria

Trends and Predictions: How the Future Looks Like for Web Design in 2014…n-in-2014/

Credit cards of the future: 4 exciting trends…z2sMsGbooH

The 5 foods best-suited for 3D printing

Nature is Not Human-Centric

Your Brain Is Fine-Tuning Its Wiring Throughout Your Life…9896376047]&action_type_map=[%22og.likes%22]&action_ref_map=[]

The World’s Smallest Engine Runs on a Single Atom…m-16451781

Guest column: Constituent care — Are government contact centers ready for the generational flood?…SY.twitter

Searching for Life on Earth-Like Planets May Be a Mistake, Need to Consider Superhabitable Planets…e-planets/

Survey says more attention being paid to data privacy, but still a ways to go…ign=buffer

Quantum engineers make a major step towards a scalable quantum computer…m-computer

Was There A Beginning Of Time And Will There Be An End Of Time?…vEN9LTSmHd

DHS has become the epicenter for government cybersecurity

THE FUTURE OF THE MIND: Official Trailer

What the Internet of Things Will Mean for CIOs

Why predictive maintenance is more relevant today than ever before…ver-before

Stanford scientists put free text-analysis tool on the web…s-tool-web

Dangerous ideas: About that Princeton Facebook study — wrong, but not entirely crazy…book-study

Personal Banking and the Data-Driven Approach…e=activity

20 Lessons Enterprise CIOs Can Learn from Supercomputing…uting.html

Big data misused to justify vaccination…accination

First Single-Molecule LED…lecule-led

Employment in Renewable Energy Sector Reaches 5.7 Million Globally…ews_ID=351

The World Has Deep Areas of Expertise. We Need Agility and Context…nk+Main%29

Marc Andreessen Has A Great Answer For Why Bitcoin Matters…2014-1

Motorola Patents Electronic Telepathy

New Solar Cells Get the Blues in a Good Way

A window to the future of research

Surface map of a brown dwarf

The future of oil supply

The Human enhancement and the future of work project

Whole-genome sequence of a flatfish provides insights into ZW sex chromosome evolution and adaptation to a benthic lifestyle

Scientists reading fewer papers for first time in 35 years…rs-1.14658

Elsevier opens its papers to text-mining

Top UK university pledges reform to ‘change the culture’ of its animal research…earch.html

Challenging Israel

Pruning Synapses Improves Brain Connections…nnections/

Science Cartoonist Doesn’t Draw “Funny Style”…ny-Style-/

Opinion: The Burden of Proof…-of-Proof/

The Dilemma of Space Debris…ace-debris

Flights of Fancy in Avian Evolution…-evolution

How to Fight Back Against Antibiotic Resistance…resistance

Ocean Acidification: The Other Climate Change Issue…ange-issue

QUOTATION: “…The flattening of the world is going to be hugely disruptive to both traditional and developed societies. The weak will fall further behind faster. The traditional will feel the force of modernization much more profoundly. The new will get turned into old quicker. The developed will be challenged by the underdeveloped much more profoundly. I worry, because so much political stability is built on economic stability, and economic stability is not going to be a feature of the flat world. Add it all up and you can see that the disruptions and going to come faster and harder. No one is immune ─ not me, not you, not Microsoft. WE ARE ENTERING AN ERA OF CREATIVE DESTRUCTION ON STEROIDS. Dealing with flatism is going to be a challenge of a whole new dimension even if your country has a strategy. But if you don’t have a strategy at all, well, again, you’ve warned…”

RECOMMENDED BOOK: The Living Company: Growth, Learning and Longevity in Business by Arie De Geus
ISBN-13: 978–1857881851


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