Sep 25, 2012

Let me Put the Responsibility on the most Respected Person: Ban Ki-Moon

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The profile of the most powerful man on earth is rising. I cordially ask him to support the necessity of a black-hole conference. If the new constant-c interpretation of general relativity is correct as no one publicly denies, CERN is each day trying to produce black holes that its detectors are blind to and that with a sizable probability will shrink the planet to 2 cm within a short time (5 percent?, ten years?).

A decision not to check on an extant proof of danger is one of the few acts taken by an individual or a group that is never justified. I ask the General Secretary of the United Nations to tell the planet why he backs the stance of the Security Council of the United Nations not to request clarification.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear revered Secretary General,

Professor Otto E. Rossler, Chaos Researcher, University of Tubingen, Germany


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  1. Otto E. Rössler, I sympathize with your concerns.

    I had not fully understood the implications of physical black hole research until I wrote the blog Debunking the Black Hole Interstellar Drive (

    Only then did I realize how much we don’t understand how to handle a real black hole.

    Theoretical black hole research is acceptable and warranted to reach an understanding of how to handle, control and manage small black holes.

    But experimental black hole research is a case for End OF Humanity (EOH) event. Experimental black holes are more dangerous than nuclear weapons, and such experimental research must be stopped immediately.

    Otto E. Rössler, thank you for raising the awareness on this issue.

  2. Tom Kerwick says:

    A passing comment — The scope for requesting a revised safety report actually runs wider than Otto’s concerns — for example many believe there are loose ends to refuting R. Plaga’s concerns —

    A recent request that I made to CERN to improve their report from basing safety assurance on estimates in which we have only 99% confidence (kilogauss magnetic fields in three DA white dwarfs) has fallen on deaf ears also. Perhaps it relates to internal politics at CERN — or considered an academic exercise not in CERN’s interests.

    An external safety assessment by an independent body such as the IAEA would seem the next most appropriate measure. I would suggest Ban Ki-Moon is far more concerned with the tinder box that is the Senkaku Islands right now — which IMHO should be made an independent nature reserve to resolve the dispute.

  3. Dear Benjamin:

    Thank you for your original thoughts.


  4. Dear Tom, thank you also very much.

  5. Kinga says:

    Gargamelle is the one to the left in your picture,I bveelie. But I always liked the larger one to the right better, probably because it looks like a spaceship out of a 50s SF flick, maybe a precursor to the lunar landers. What’s that one called?